Diamond Inspection at De Beers

Provenance and peace of mind

De Beers, beyond traceability

With over 130 years of diamond expertise, we at De Beers are always looking to set new high standards and move the industry forward, and it means you have complete peace of mind buying directly from De Beers. As we source most of the diamonds for our jewellery from our own mines in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada not only do we have this direct traceability but we can demonstrate the positive impact your diamond has had along its incredible journey – from helping more than 700 women small-scale micro-entrepreneurs across Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, to improving access to quality education in our communities and protecting the natural world through our conservation programmes (for every hectare of land impacted by diamond recovery, six hectares are set aside for conservation).

Ethically sourced and responsibly crafted

De Beers is committed to ensuring all our diamonds are sourced in a manner that upholds the social, ethical and environmental expectations we share with our customers. Our stringent sourcing procedures, selection processes and certification requirements mean that the diamonds in every piece of De Beers jewellery are guaranteed to be ethically produced and 100 per cent conflict-free.

All of our white diamonds from 0.2 to 3 carats are sourced from De Beers mines, which are located in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada. Not only do we have this direct traceability but we can demonstrate the positive impact your diamond has had along its incredible journey. In certain cases, for example, large white diamonds and coloured diamonds, we select diamonds from other parts of the world as mother nature created specific conditions in different regions. Our experts seek out the most unique diamonds from across the world from our trusted suppliers to ensure you have the range to choose from.

Your secure inscription and Certification

Every diamond above 0.2 carats that has passed our strict selection process, and met our environmental and ethical criteria, is microscopically branded with the De Beers Marque – a logo and unique diamond reference number that is catalogued in our diamond registry. This also allows us to trace your diamond back to you should it ever be lost and found. You can even personalize your inscription number for white diamonds above 5 carats. Each piece of De Beers jewellery is accompanied by a counterfeit-proof Certificate of Authenticity, detailing the specifications of the piece and guaranteeing that our diamonds are natural, untreated and have been produced from responsibly sourced, conflict-free diamonds. We are a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, ensuring integrity is not just in our supply but all along the journey of the diamond, in the workshops but through to the stores as well. Every De Beers’ supplier is required to operate within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Building Forever

De Beers is committed to creating a positive long-term legacy that will endure well beyond the recovery of its last diamond. This commitment is called Building Forever, and it contains four pillars: standing with women and girls, protecting our natural world, partnering with thriving communities and leading an ethical industry. You can learn more about De Beers Group’s ongoing Building Forever initiatives here.

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